Best Films of 2019

There has been some radio silence on the review front recently. I took some time away from it all. In that time I saw a few more films at the cinema meaning I ended 2019 on 81 films and kicked of 2020 with #littlewomen and #jojorabbit to which both were phenomenal.

In usual fashion I am going to round up my personal top highlights of 2019. Annoyingly many films didn’t come to my cinema so that may be why they don’t appear on my list. I won’t waste any more time so here it is my best of 2019:

1. Us

2. Joker

3. Marriage Story

4. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

5. Knives Out

6. Parasite

7. Midsommar

8. Mid90s

9. Rocketman

10. Booksmart

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