Rambo Last Blood

Rambo Last Blood, 5.1/10, is the answer to the question, “What would Home Alone be like if you added a truck load of weapons, adrenaline and testosteron?” Stallone is back in the ‘last’ instalment of the Rambo series and this has to be the worst of them all.

When John Rambo’s niece is abducted and put into the Mexican cartel’s human trafficking industry, John sets out for vengeance. This sounds exciting but then you have to endure Stallone delivering dialogue like he’s reading an instruction manual. Both pace and tone have been completely overlooked with a boring first and second act that the creators thought could be rectified with a distasteful amount of gore. This I most definitely nominate as a worthy contender for the worst film of the year.

Director: #adriangrunberg

Starting: #sylvesterstallone

Picture: 7/10

Sound: 5/10

Narrative: 5/10

Acting: 4/10

Originality: 5/10

Entertainment (of its genre): 5/10

Overall rating….. 5.1/10

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