Angel has Fallen

Angel has Fallen, 4.5/10, sees Gerard Butler back for a third time as gun-toting secret service agent Mike Banning. He’s back to punch bad guys, constantly survive near-death experiences and deliver corny dialogue. All of this happens in poorly lit sequences that make the action hard to follow and cause almost total lack of engagement. It’s almost like the directors were so ashamed of their product that they didn’t want you to see what they had created. Yet somehow despite that it still manages to be the best instalment. So that really tells you all you need to know about the quality of the series.

When an attack on President Turnball (played by Morgan Freeman) leaves only two survivors, the FBI find evidence that leads them to suspect Secret Service Agent Mike Banning (played by Gerard Butler) as the culprit. Banning has to uncover the real threat to prove his innocence. I understand that my opening statement just describes the conventions of any action movie, but the way in which these tropes are handled here is where I take issue. A lot of the time they are used to further the plot or to add some necessary drama and break up slow sections, but Angel has Fallen doesn’t have any competence in their application and comes across as having just thrown everything at the screen without any rhyme or reason. Every sequence was just as predictable as the last and as the absurdity increases so does the implausible survivability of Banning.

It’s nonsensical to me that when you have a big name actor like Morgan Freeman to play the president of the United States that they would waste him by writing him out for most of the story. The only thing to have really “Fallen” here is the quality of filmmaking. The script, the performances and the predictable narrative are all contributing factors in making this film quite so difficult to enjoy. The way the storyline progresses is so lazy and uninspired yet somehow still over-explained that it is almost as though the screenwriters thought they were being clever and had one over on their audience.

Picture: 4/10

Sound: 4/10

Narrative: 4/10

Acting: 5/10

Originality: 4/10

Entertainment (of its genre): 6/10

Overall rating….. 4.5/10

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