Aladdin, 6.25/10, has confirmed that Disney needs to stop it now with the remakes. I don’t mean to discredit this film by any means however when remaking films that so many people adore, Disney have a duty to create a final product that is as good as or better than the original. If this was the first Aladdin I had ever seen – which for a younger demographic it may well be – then I would think this film was alright. But alright doesn’t cut it when you are messing with a classic.

For those that don’t know the plot to Aladdin, I would only assume you’ve been trapped in a lamp for 1000 years but I will still fill you in anyway. When the charming street urchin Aladdin (played by Mena Massoud) comes in contact with a courageous Princess Jasmine (played by Naomi Scott), he falls in love instantly but knows he doesn’t stand a chance as he’s not a prince. His luck is about to change when he is sent into the Cave of Wonders to retrieve a magical lamp that is going to change his life forever.

Now I would like to take a moment to compliment Will Smith on his Genie performance. It was an incredibly hard task to take on after the iconic Robin Williams’ portrayal but he put a spin on it that was truly his own. It wasn’t Will Smith playing Robin Williams, it was Smith playing Genie. You can clearly see Smith has drawn on all of his previous characters to play this part. At times, you see the Fresh Prince then glimpses of Hitch when he’s passing of dating advice. I can see Will Smith feeling rather mithed bringing such high energy when everyone else’s performances in this film seem flat and somewhat wooden. It’s as if they are having their lines prompted to them off screen.

This really is a colourful grand spectacle that creates the atmosphere of the hustle and bustle of Arabic streets. The set pieces clearly have a huge budget behind them that only proves that money cannot create magic. The CGI used on Abu, Rajah and the carpet are visually impressive but lack personality. You can see the creators tried extremely hard and that will be appreciated by younger audiences but did it impress me? I think not.

Picture: 7/10

Sound: 6/10

Narrative: 6/10

Acting: 6.5/10

Originality: 6/10

Entertainment (of its genre): 6/10

Overall rating….. 6.25/10

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