Fisherman’s Friends

Fisherman’s Friends, 6.5/10, is inspired by/closely related to the truly brilliant musical group of the same name. When a stag do joke turns into a man’s word, big-shot London music producer Danny (played by Daniel Mays) falls in love with Cornwall and the shanty sounds of 10 fisherman. Believing in the brilliance, he promises to get the voices heard by the masses.

When depicting a true story, you still have the difficult battle of trying to get the audience to buy into the story – whether it is factual or fiction. If it wasn’t due to the simplicity of the Fisherman’s ethos and mentality then I don’t think I would have enjoyed this film as much as I did. Danny’s larger-than-life London friend’s seemed a little too enhanced and almost made a mockery of the whole story even if they were the joke. At times, it bordered a little bit more panto than showing the difference between the city folk and Cornwall men.

However, there is easily enough to look past due to Fisherman’s Friends’ charm and it made for a pleasurable way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Of course, it has its faults but you’d be foolish to pick them apart. Take it on face value and you will have an enjoyable time. Fisherman’s Friends will make you laugh and even shed a tear as you fall in love the group and the Cornwall backdrop the same way Danny does. Everything about this film is quintessentially British and upon watching Fisherman’s Friends, you will be taken on a holiday to the Cornish coastline with a large smile on your face from start to finish.

Picture: 6/10

Sound: 7/10

Narrative: 6/10

Acting: 6/10

Originality: 6/10

Entertainment (of its genre): 8/10

Overall rating….. 6.5/10

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