How to Train you Dragon: The Hidden World

How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World, 7.1/10, gives a concluding chapter to 9 years worth of adventures that Hiccup and his dragon best friend Toothless have been on.

However, their idyllic friendship is put under pressure when Toothless discovers another elusive Night Fury who he can’t help but fall in love with. Following his heart, he goes after her, with Hiccup left alone like a hopeless mother whose child has flown the nest. With Hiccup’s guard left open, he struggles to hold his reign over Berk as he faces a deadly threat from the infamous Night Fury hunter Grimmel. His only hope of protecting the village, and the rapidly expanding colony of rescued dragons, is to find the fabled Hidden World of dragons.

The How to Train your Dragon series seems to be the animated trilogy for the generation after my own, for those who were too late for Pixar’s Toy Story. That is some tough competition to come up against but the DreamWorks trilogy has found its dragon wings and soared to the skies of success with a swan song rivalling that of Toy Story 3. The underlying moral nature of the film isn’t too dissimilar to the Oscar nominated Green Book: embracing those who are different from you will result in true friendship.

The dazzling visuals prove that computer animation has come along leaps and bounds from the first instalment and shows how quickly technology can develop. HTTYD has kept laughter, magic and friendship at its very core, never pandering off into unnecessary sub plots and never trying to over complicate things. This really is a spectacle to take young ones too or even if like me and you’re just a 24 year old who LOVES animated features, it is a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

Picture: 8/10

Sound: 6/10

Narrative: 7/10

Acting: 7/10

Originality: 7/10

Entertainment (of its Genre): 8/10

Overall rating….. 7.1/10

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