Escape Room

Escape Room, 5.3/10, follows the sweeping trend all around the UK which have become the hot thing to do at birthday parties, work team builds or stags. This makes the latest mystery thriller even more so relatable.

Escape Room brings six strangers from all different walks of life together as they all receive a mysterious puzzle box. Once the box is opened, they receive an invitation to an escape room to which the successful individual who escapes will receive $10,000. From the moment the door closes, the game begins. The six participants must make their way from room to room by successfully deciphering a series of puzzles. If $10,000 wasn’t a big enough motivator, the realisation that each game is a matter of life or death increases the stakes all the more. As the strangers move throughout the game, they quickly begin to realise they unknowingly share one crucial part of the puzzle.

The individual set pieces in the first and second act are actively engaging, entertaining and tense. There is definitely a Saw-like essence to Escape Room but this film reframes itself from venturing into gore horror. I am glad of this as it would have deteriorated from the situational anxiety that the audience experiences. The background narrative is loosely tied together within the main narrative but is easily looked over for a film with that B movie element to it. Now I’m sure you’re thinking but Thoryn you’ve spoken about the first and second act, surely you wouldn’t look over the third? Well it would appear the creators of this movie did. It infuriates me that the ending of this movie was jeopardised for financial gain. They grasped at any opportunity to turn this into the next horror franchise. One which will inevitably end up rerunning on Film4 at 11:00pm for the next 10 years. Escape Room is the reason decent horror films struggle to the cinema screenings the deserve.

Picture: 5/10

Sound: 5/10

Narrative: 5/10

Acting: 5/10

Originality: 6/10

Entertainment (of its Genre): 6/10

Overall rating….. 5.3/10

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