Does Aquaman sink or swim?

Aquaman, 7.25/10, certainly makes a splash in the ever-expanding pool of superhero movies. In my eyes, DC comes across like a younger sibling to the vastly more successful Marvel studios, constantly trying to be like the other yet not managing to rise to the occasion. However Aquaman is shaping up to be a substantial move in the right direction for them.

If you can look past the tacked-on love story, fairly average script and sometimes cheesy dialogue then you will be able to enjoy this film for it’s wide array of visual positives. Director James Wan’s interpretation of the Atlantean civilisation is mesmerising. There is a magical, almost ethereal charm to this underwater world that is both captivating and yet somehow feels real.

The fight choreography and framing harkens back to classic martial arts pictures, with the audience being able to see and feel the impact of every hit. Lastly, to the mothers of children who wish to go see this film, I urge you to do so. Even if just to gaze at Jason Momoa’s Godlike physique.

Picture: 8/10

Sound: 7/10

Narrative: 7/10

Acting: 6.5/10

Originality: 8/10

Entertainment (of its genre): 6/10

Overall rating….. 7.25/10

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