Venom isn’t without its flaws but is still a worthy Marvel instalment!

Venom, 6.41/10, has finally been given its own movie and on the contrary to the Rotten Tomatoes rating, I thought director Ruben Fleischer delivered an awesome, dark, action-packed superhero movie with a comedic back bone. Venom has ticked all the boxes in my eyes. Not being a character that I know all that to much about, I think Venom is an interesting character with a lot of scope for growth.

Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) is a budding journalist living in San Francisco. Brock is constantly looking for the story that is going to blow up his career which looks promising when he is tasked with interviewing Life Foundation owner Carlton Drake (played by Riz Ahmed). However, when Brock attains confidential information from his partner’s laptop Anne Weying (played by Michelle Williams), he begins to probe into the unethical and alien exploratory side of Drake’s business. Drake isn’t one to be probed and attempts to crush the life of Brock and his partner, forcing them to split up. Six months pass and Drake has begun experimenting on his extraterrestrial finds from his latest expedition. The three symbiotes need a host in order to complete Drake’s mission yet the human-race, even the avid scientists, are completely oblivious to the fact this will mean domination of our planet also.  However, when Eddie is investigating Drake’s laboratories one of the symbiotes binds with Eddie and releases his alter-ego: Venom. Can the two save each other and stop Drake before its too late?Venom 4.jpg

Venom has come up against some rather harsh reviews, both in the lead up and post-release. Nonetheless, I personally only had two minor problems with this film. Firstly, I felt for most of the first act this origin movie struggled to get its feet off the ground coming across rather dull and boring. As a result, the majority of the time has be utilised to establish the main character but been rendered in an disengaging manner. Secondly, there is another minor plot flaw in Venom’s transition. He quickly decides to change the very nature of his trip, initially wanting world domination and then being won over and wanting to help save the world. All of this change is from a mere 10 minutes spent coexisting with Brock. This could be down to the post editors’ cut to meet strict classification however, it seemed a little farfetched for the sudden change in character. I do appreciate this is rich commenting on how farfetched something is when talking about a alien parasite.

Venom as a character is brilliant! There really seems no bounds to the possibilities of where the creators could take him. His free-form elasticity makes for cinematic brilliance as he takes out numerous oncoming threats. Effortlessly and rather comically, he tears off the heads of anyone that crosses his path.  How they have visually displayed Venom and his binding with Eddie Brock is mesmerising as they transform from one to the other. I strongly believe that act two and three will still deliver an entertaining Marvel addition. I look forward to what is to come.

Picture: 7/10

Sound: 7/10

Narrative: 6/10

Acting: 6/10

Originality: 6/10

Entertainment (of its genre): 6.5/10

Overall Rating 6.41/10

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