You may need a Martini to get through A Simple Favour

A Simple Favour, 5.91/10, is lager upon layer of twists and turns, does that detract from the overall audience experience? I think so. This thriller film directed by Paul Feig starts of perfectly by setting the right pace and tone creating a level of suspense increasing throughout right up until the third act and then sadly it spirals out of control.

Stephanie (played is Anna Kendrick) is a single neurotic mother obsessed with doing the best by her child and her following of mums that watch her – advice for mums – vlogs. When Stephanie’s child – Miles – makes friends as school with a boy name Nicky the two request a play date but it quickly comes apparent that the boys are not the only ones desperately attempting to make friends. Stephanie is in ore of Nickys mysterious mother Emily (played by Blake Lively) so much so that on the playdate the two begin to share intermate secrets from their past over copious amounts of Martinis. As the boys friendship progresses so does Stephanie fascination of Emily. But from one phone call from Emily requesting one simple favour – to look after Nicky whilst Emily is at work – Stephanie is propelled into a world she could never prepare for. Five days past and Emily is classified as a missing person. Stephanie perilously wants to uncover the truth of what happened to her best friend and wont stop until she’s done so.

I have tried to keep the synopsis to a bare minimum in order to not expose any of the copious amount of spoilers that could be unveiled. Firstly I would like to commend Anna Kendrick and Black Lively on their performances within A Simply Favour as amidst the chaotic cocktail of genres the two hold down a gripping performance. Sadly everything around them jumps so quick you struggle adjust to the tone as the film changes every ten minutes. From romantic comedy, to noir thriller, to who done it, to crime drama then back to comedy you taken on a rough journey that is entertaining but isn’t a comfortable ride through the messiness of Director Fiegs overall vision.

Picture: 6/10

Sound: 6.5/10

Narrative: 5.5/10

Acting: 6.5/10

Originality: 6/10

Entertainment (Of its Genre): 6/10

Overall Rating 5.91/10

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