And the award for the worst film this year goes to …. Slender Man.

Slender Man, 3.25/10, is a fictional supernatural character created as a creepypasta Internet meme by the Something Awful forum user Eric Knudsen. Before watching Slender Man, I had never crossed paths with the character and knew very little about him however after watching the film, I don’t think I ever want to again. By no means is this because I am too petrified to encounter such an experience again out of complete fear but, on the contrary, it is out of utter boredom and confusion.

Slender Man wastes no time in its desperate attempt to scare the audience as within five minutes, the audience is bombarded with incoherent and irrelevant visuals. The sole purpose of this is a measly attempt to creep the audience out and put them in an uncomfortable state. However, when these efforts have been executed in such an obvious way, you can not help but laugh at its efforts rather than be scared.

I may struggle to explain the premise of this film as the majority of the time, it isn’t the most transparent. Scene to scene, it is evident that there is a lack flow or rhythm to the movie. This may be due to a poorly written script or a cast of individuals that appear like they are acting on a school media/film project. It could also be down to the post editing job which cut two of the main cast’s death scenes out from the final release. There is never any acknowledgement of this or adaptation of any of the remanding scenes to clarify the going ons.

So, my attempt to explain Slender Man: four friends decide to watch a film that supposedly conjures up the Slender Man. A week later, one of the friends – Katie (played by Annalise Basso) – miraculously goes missing, the police and family are none the wiser as to who, how or why this happened. The three remaining girls, who surprisingly don’t seemed that phased by the whole event, decide to try and contact the Slender Man to get her back which only results in each one being slowly taken out after a few terribly shot and poorly scripted encounters.

Horror is a genre that I can normally grant a levy towards the film for its faults. However, this film is too far beyond this point. Slender Man almost feels like a poor attempt to match It Follows (2014). By this, I mean you have an ominous threat that hangs over the central characters, lurking in the unknown and stalking its prey. As it closes, the threat closes in and the sound alerts you and the central character of their presence. I strongly advise you save your time and avoid this movie. If you are after a horror to watch, I advise you to give It Follows a go instead.

Picture: 3.5/10

Sound: 3.5/10

Narrative: 3/10

Acting: 3/10

Originality: 3/10

Entertainment (Of its Genre): 3.5/10

Overall Rating: 3.25/10

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