Hotel Artemis should have closed its doors for the night.

Hotel Artemis, 5.1/10, is set in a neo-noir, dystopian Los Angeles and the year is 2028. In amidst of the riots over the privatisation of water, the Hotel Artemis is still opening its doors to criminals that require medical help. How can a hotel for criminals successfully operate? Surely it would be complete chaos? Well, there are two things that keep the Artemis in order: the staff and the rules. No-one, without exception, breaks the rules. The nurse (played by Jodie Foster) and Everest (played by Dave Bautista) are the staff in charge and stole the show for me. Both actors gave a brilliant performance. Jodie Foster’s character is at the centre of the narrative, in almost every scene, and I found Bautista to be surprisingly comical.

Normally, in this part of the review, I’d delve into explaining the plot but I’m finding it difficult to do so with this film. This being because I would have to say that the narrative is the root cause for the downfall of this film. Unless I have been naive to some hidden message, Hotel Artemis lacks some sort of structure. Take the riots for example. What was the purpose? It feels like the audience were drip fed different plot elements and character backgrounds that never really tied together or even served a purpose. This is really what makes this film disposable. I mean I enjoyed watching it at the time for Nice’s (played by Sofia Boutella) bad-ass aura and fight scenes but in a couple of weeks time am I going to remember the characters names or what they added to the movie? Probably not.

With a cast so jam-packed with talent, Hotel Artemis had the potential to be brilliant. However, Charlie Day plays Charlie Day and Jeff Goldblum’s character seems like the studio only had the budget to have him onscreen for ten minutes. As a result, they just found ways to talk about him rather than letting us see what he had to offer as the character.

There is a certain cartoon/game-like flair behind the making of the film. With elements in the character types and names, the humour, the fighting scenes and even the dialogue, making for some of the only reasons why I did enjoy this film.

This film is one that I would recommend going and making your own opinion of as the reviews I have read seem very 50/50. I am just one opinion, make sure you go and make your own even if it is to enjoy the brilliant soundtrack that accompanies this movie.

Picture: 6/10

Sound: 6/10

Narrative: 4/10

Acting: 6/10

Originality: 4/10

Entertainment (of its genre): 5/10

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