Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2, 8.3/10, is a 14 year build-up of nostalgic excitement that has been finally been relinquished. As expected, Incredibles 2 deliverers a remarkable fun-filled and humorous sequel to the much-loved original. I will admit I was nervous upon watching this film due to the fact that I didn’t want to be let down again by another big corporation squeezing classic films for whatever they can. However, on the contrary to this, Disney Pixar have come through and delivered in true Pixar style.

The film starts exactly where it left off from in the original. Underminer has forced the Parr family to save the city once more which means they still face the same moral dilemma: do they use their super powers to stop crime? Although by doing so, they are viewed as committing a crime themselves as it is still illegal to use your powers. However, someone is keen to change that – the wealthy owners of Devtech: the Deavor siblings. They offer to use their money, power and technology to change the public opinion of superheroes in honour of their late superhero-loving father. Elastigirl (played by Holly Hunter) is the super that they want for the relaunch and the chosen face of their new campaign. Full of guilt, Helen/Elastigirl is away from her family leaving Bob/Mr Incredible (played by Craig T. Nelson) to run the madness that is their family life. Will an emotional teen, a mathematical conundrum and a young infant unveiling its powers push Bob over the edge?It has always amazed me how animation subtly deals with current social issues without having to be overtly in your face. The family dynamic lightly steps around flipping the conventional gender roles of a family unit, all whilst still delivering a vibrant, colourful family-fun movie for all ages.

I must admit Jack Jack stole the show for me. In particular, the scene with the raccoon is a highlight that comes to mind. This is when the audience are finally exposed to Jack Jack’s array of powers in an utterly entertaining fashion. I mean, babies are funny at the best of times, but chuck a load of powers in and make them oblivious to the chaos they are causing and, well, you truly have a recipe for brilliance. Jack Jack also brings back another favourite character from the original film: Edna Mode (played by Brad Bird). The two really do make for a surprisingly sweet character dynamic.I left the cinema on cloud nine! Me and my partner exuberated a childlike level of excitement which was so refreshing. Incredibles 2 really does improve on the original film with more action and more screen-time from the characters we know and love. It seems harsh to categorise this along with other PG-rated movies as this differentiates itself in so many ways. Watching this is an abundance of fun which pushes it to the top of my Pixar ranking.

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