Tag: The must see comedy.

Tag, 7.8/10, proves that comedic films can still have a flair of originality. This was the second ‘true story’ film I saw in one day and well, this couldn’t be further apart from Adrift. However, I’m definitely glad I saw this last. I left the cinema in stitches and frankly quite jealous. I am fortunate enough to have been in the same group of friends since a young age but I resent them all now for not starting a game such as this.

In order for a group of childhood friends to stay in touch, for the whole month of May each year they take part in a childhood favourite – a game of tag. Now, as you can imagine, after playing the same game of tag for as long as they have (30 years to be exact), they have all become rather skilled and deeply committed to this game. But no one is as skilled as the fifth player – Jerry (played by Jeremy Renner) – who has never been tagged. Never. In the whole entirety of the game. As expected, this is very frustrating for the other players who are so desperate to claim his tag virginity. This results in many desperate and frankly hilarious attempts to finally get their hands on Jerry – all of which leading to what they think is their last chance at an attempt to tag Jerry: his very own wedding day. There really is no lengths that a tagger will not go to in order to catch their prey.

Tag 1.jpg

There is an extensive list of features which make this comedy brilliant. To start with the cast: Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Jake Johnson, Jeremy Renner, Hannibal Buress, Isla Fisher and Annabelle Wallis make up the main ensemble. They have the most screen time but equally, not one shines more than another. All of the actors are utterly hilarious throughout and each have their moments of sheer brilliance. Now, thats not to say that I didn’t have my favourite character because I did. Anna Malloy (played by Isla Fisher) is married to Hogan (played by Ed Helms) and isn’t directly involved in the game. That’s mainly due to the first rule of the game: no girls allowed. Her completely over the top and aggressive behaviour is the reason why she became my favourite. Every line that came out her mouth had me in stitches. Moving swiftly on, that’s enough about the cast as you already know they are brilliant actors from their back catalogue of brilliant performances.

Another reason this film made for such an enjoyable watch is the soundtrack. For me, a soundtrack is crucial to making a great film. Annoyingly, it is a feature that you’re more likely to notice if it hasn’t been done well rather than if its been pulled of as if a great soundtrack scores each scene perfectly you won’t even notice the seamless partnership.

The last thing I will comment on (and have already touched upon opening this review) is the originality of this movie. When the Wall Street Journal featured the original gang’s story of their unique gang back in 2013, creators must have been banging at their door to make this film. And how couldn’t you? Have you ever heard anything more outrageous but intriguing as this? Tag really shows the true meaning of friendship whilst being ridiculously humorous.

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