Book Club – I’ll give anything a chance.

Book Club, 4.5/10. I will start by saying that I am certainly not the target demographic for this film, however I was excited to watch this movie after catching the trailer. Disappointingly, the trailer, for me, was more of a highlights montage than a teasing insight to the film. The film starts by introducing four life-long friends and their monthly book club. The years have passed and the mundane seems to have become their normality – their lives have entered bit of a dull patch particularly in the love department. Enter Christian Grey. 50 Shades of Grey becomes the ladies’ monthly read (albeit with some mixed and somewhat reluctant initial responses) and with that, passion seems to be reintroduced to their lives: a much-needed friend they have lost touch with over the years. The more they read the more they learn that sex, passion and love are not just for the young.

Now, this may seem like a crazy statement to make but I wanted to go into this movie and laugh at the thought of what would my nan think of a book like 50 Shades but instead, what I watched seemed a little far-fetched and over the top. The punchlines almost always seemed to be predictable. Despite this, I personally think this film did have potential and would have made for a brilliant British film. As Brits, we are stereotypically renowned for our tight-lipped reluctancy in discussing the cruder aspects of life and I think this very preconception could have made for far more entertaining viewing. Maybe the UK/US humour decide didn’t translate as planned as for me, the smuttiness didn’t seem to reach a level I had anticipated.

This film also touched on another bug bare of my own and that’s poorly used green screens. In this day and age, there is no excuse for poorly imposed imaging and it wasn’t just the one time either. I think on four counts I felt my blood boiling, petty I know, but I have found since owning my limitless and watching all of the latest releases, it’s the small things that make a big difference to me as a viewer.

With this film, I’m not going to say to not go just because I didn’t like it as the audience I watched this with seemed to love it. A side note: I have found an audience really makes the cinematic experience. If you have an audience that will laugh, scream or cry without feeling embarrassed of your surroundings then you are almost guaranteed to have a more enjoyable screening. Anyway, go watch it and decide for yourself.

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