A family fun film.

Deadpool 2, 8/10, has had me in a state of eager anticipation, much like the night before Christmas, for weeks. Now, the suspense is finally over and it was well worth the wait. Deadpool’s back and funnier than ever. Typically, most sequels fail to live up to their predecessor however this was equally as amusing and gory – if not better than the first.

The premise for the sequel: when the rude, crude and immature mutant mercenary Deadpool’s (played by Ryan Reynolds) life is turned upside down, he begins to seek a new purpose. He believes this may have come in the form of Russel (played by Julian Dennison) or as he likes to be called, Fire Fist. Cable, the ‘almighty villain’ (played by Josh Brolin) of this movie, travels back in time in an attempt to stop a chain of events that Russel may cause if not preempted. Who can assist Deadpool in his attempt to change the future and stop Cable (all whilst discovering his heart and attempting to save the young boy)? None other than the non-gender specific X-Force and their league of special and questionable talents. Well, truth be told, it’s mainly Domino (played by Zazie Beetz) that aids Deadpool on his path: the superhero with luck on her side. Her character certainly added some cinematically spectacular scenes along the way. Some of the previous characters are back to give a helping hand as well. Colossus (played by Stefan Kapicic) and Negasonic (played by Brianna Hildebrand) are still holding down the X-Men manner. David Leitch had the audience in hysterics throughout and at times, the writers reached into some darker areas of humour as expected. This still had everyone laughing out loud. The intertextual references were on point, making reference to not only superhero franchises but other popular culture. Coming at you so fast and in an abundance, it will take a merely a second’s watch to uncover all the hidden easter eggs. In classic Deadpool style, the forth wall is broken on numerous accounts – a cinematic style that Lietch successfully pulls off every time. With all the blood, curse words and jokes, it’s tricky to decipher whether it’s Deadpool as a character or Ryan Reynolds as an actor/writer that makes this such a brilliant franchise. Debatably, they are the same thing, however, interviews leading up to the release show how Reynolds is satire personified.

There really is something for everyone in this movie as it’s not your stereotypical superhero movie. It’s more comedic than comic book and the action scenes are better than the entire Expendables franchise put tougher. The violence is on a whole new level of creative. I don’t think I even have to tell you to go check this out because if you have seen the first film, you will have a taste for this hilarious franchise and will have been craving this film since the last one ended, much like I was.

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