God damn we’re sexy!

I Feel Pretty, 5.4/10, is pushing aside the conventional notion of ‘beauty’ that society has enforced on us. Renee Bennet (played by Amy Schumer) is overwhelmingly insecure and initially, completed overlooked (and underestimated) by all. That is until a blow to the head eludes her to believe she is hot and suddenly transforms into a confident, self-loving and proud woman. In fact, the reality is she is just waking up to the beauty that’s always been there. The new sense of ‘sexiness’ she experiences excels her career and her love life to new heights although she pays a price in the loss of her oldest friends.

Granted this film is predictable – as many comedies are – but the reviews I’ve read since watching this film have actually angered me. Yes, this film doesn’t have you rolling on the floor pissing yourself. That being said, there is no denying that it definitely is a humorous film. It seems critics can’t accept a female comedic lead – especially when it’s Amy Schumer. The reason this film doesn’t overload the humour is because it’s dealing with the truth. Women have an unachievable expectation of what it is to be beautiful, one which they unknowingly enforce onto each other. This, as Renee discovers all too well, is because it is what big brands want you to do also and set an unrealistic expectation suggesting one mould fits all. Therefore, women turn on one another, inevitably falling in line to consume more. This film is a wake up call to what’s happening, whilst having an giggle. Put aside any predetermined thoughts you may have about this film and you will enjoy yourself.

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