Truth or Dare? Truth. “Shit horror films are my guilty pleasure”

Truth or Dare?, 5.4, is as expected. Predictable, cliché and at times, quite humorous. To tell the truth, it isn’t a terrible horror movie. In fact, I actually really enjoyed it and was shocked to see some had given this film as low as 1 star. The story begins with a group of friends enjoying their last spring break together in Mexico before they go their separate ways for college. The group make friends with a stranger and start to partake in a seemingly innocent game of truth or dare – I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, the game, it seems, has far more sinister intentions than they originally thought and detrimental rules, that if not obeyed, have devastating effects as the group discover all too well. Refuse to tell the truth – you die. Refuse the dare – you die. Refuse to play – you die. The game follows each player wherever they go – you simply cannot hide from that Willem Dafoe grin face that suddenly emerges to possess innocent bystanders. The creepy faces mimic the popular current trend of Snapchat filters – a social media feature that millennials are all too familiar with and guilty of abusing. It is as if the filter you hide behind has turned on you, to tell the truth. I did find myself trying to pull the ‘face’ to scare my partner sat next me.

For a horror film, the ‘jump factor’ box has been ticked and avoiding exposing spoilers, there is one particular moment that left my palms sweating. I did feel slightly let down by the gore and the main reason this film didn’t score higher was because, I have to confess, the deaths didn’t really scare me. That said, this film is definitely worth checking out if you enjoy films such as the Final Destinations.

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