Well this has been a disappointing week.

Ghost Stories, 6.4, offered layer upon (bone-chilling) layer of gritty narrative twist and turns. Professor Goodman (played by Andy Nyman who also co-directed and co-wrote this film) is a cynical sceptic of the supernatural. However, when an idol of his (Charles Cameron) passes three problematic cases onto him, it makes Goodman and the audience question everything. “The brain sees what it wants to see” is a recurring phase throughout the film but to the audience, this couldn’t be more of an suggestive indicator in foreshadowing the film’s seemingly surprising ending. For a horror film, I must admit that this didn’t have me rapidly changing my underwear but I will admit, this made my jump out of my skin at times. The cast has been kept to a select few but there is an abundance of talent from those who feature in this film. Alex Lawther, playing Simon Rifkind (who is the victim of the second ghost story we hear), is someone in particular that I love the work of after his roles in Black Mirror and End of the F***ing World. After watching this film, you can see that he is someone to keep an eye on with his undeniable talent, despite his somewhat creepy presence on screen. Dark and unnerving are two words I would opt for to describe this film and it certainly makes for pleasurable viewing despite it being part of a tired and often predictable genre. Although this includes the film itself with its somewhat expected ending, I can almost guarantee that this film will get your heart racing. If you have already seen A Quiet Place and fancy a further (slightly more tame and anticipated) thrill, then this is film is worth a watch.

Rampage, 4/10, never held my highest expectations but I was still surprised to be left feeling disappointed as I wasted an hour and 47 minutes of my life. A gorilla, a wolf and a crocodile all unexpectedly find themselves in a genetic mutation experiment gone rouge. As they start to get bigger, so do the problems of primatologist and best friend of George, the gorilla: Davis Okoye (played by Dwayne Johnson). I was seeking some harmless cinematic fun from this film whilst watching monsters go at it; tearing anything in their path to pieces. However, unfortunately, it didn’t deliver the monster movie I had envisaged. The escapism I had originally hoped for merely sent me to sleep and dream about a better film.

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