Anderson is like marmite. And I love marmite.

Isle of Dogs, 7.7, is another brilliant stop motion showpiece and the ninth feature film from one of my personal favorites – Wes Anderson. In a fictional city in Japan, an outbreak of ‘doggy flu’ has struck: causing the corrupt, cat-loving mayor to banish all dogs to an island of waste, Trash Island. The mayor’s nephew goes on a desperate hunt to find his lost dog but unfolds the truth regarding the dog-hating propaganda. As per, Wes Anderson’s impressive cinematic eye makes every shot as alluring as the last. However, as well as the aesthetically pleasing quality to the film, the subtle humour, amazing cast, narrative detours and the contrast in language translation are all reasons why this sits perfectly in Anderson’s filmography. Now I know Anderson is a bit like marmite, but if you haven’t yet fallen in love with his work, this could well be the film to change it.

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