Silence is not golden.

Ready Player One, 7.2/10, is the 90’s esc blockbuster movie that I’ve been waiting for. I do sometimes find boredom with the same story lines and plot themes that seem to recur in current cinema, however Spielberg has directed a cinematic classic that I think I will be watching for years to come. In 2045, there are no limitations as to what is achievable in the Oasis and Wade Watts (played by Tye Sheridan) believes this more than anyone. All the while he takes part in the competition within the Oasis where the users hunt for James Halliday’s (played by Mark Rylance) Easter egg, which entails ownership of the Oasis and the fortune that comes with it. The overwhelming cauldron of intertextual references is what makes this such enjoyable viewing. Watching this on the big screen is a must.

A Quiet Place, 8.5/10, is John Krasinski’s new horror/thriller masterpiece. He was not only the writer of this genius concept but also directed it too – filling me with excitement of what’s to come from him in the future. In A Quiet Place, a family is forced to live in silence in order to stay alive. Without divulging too much information, the silence is unbearable: the entire 1 hour and 30 minutes, I didn’t make a peep. You are left whispering outside the cinema still and tip-toeing to the car. They say silence is golden but this film truly portrays it as a matter of life or death: if they hear you, they hunt you. Go and see this film so you can feel the surreal cinematic experience.

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