Who would win in a fight out of Walk like a Panther and Tomb Raider?

Wonder, 6.6/10, based on the New York Times bestseller, is a beautiful story we can all take a different message away from. Maybe it’s not to judge a book by its cover or maybe it’s that everyone has there own shit going on, no matter just how bad your day may seem. I was lucky enough to catch this film on the silver screen before it goes to release and sitting alone in an audience where the average age was 60+, I sat and I cried my little heart out. A truly great feel-good movie.

Walk like a Panther, 4/10, is a film that I had stirred up the most excitement for. Being an avid follower of the Distraction Pieces podcast by Scroobius Pip, I have heard conversations with pretty much all the cast and how much of a laugh was had filming this. Unfortunately, I feel they should have concentrated a bit more on trying to make the audience laugh. For a movie about wrestling, it felt like every punchline missed the spot. Now, this film isn’t the worst film ever made and I must say the characters Terry and Terry played by Guz Khan and Scroobius Pip were the highlight us this movie for me. Personally, I think this would of made a brilliant three part TV series rather than a film.

Tomb Raider, 6.7/10, is the last of the three films I managed to watch this week. It is an action-packed fresh take on the legacy that is the Tomb Raider franchise. I have always been a big fan of Lara Croft and the role model she provides both for her female and male audience. My girlfriend was on the edge of her seat the whole time and left the cinema wanting to stare fear in face and run with a sense of adventure. Now obviously as would be expected for an action film, it has its far-fetched moments but what blockbuster doesn’t? Alicia Vikander had big boots to fill but she certainly did the job. I loved this movie rounding off my week and am now awaiting the sequel.

You know it’s just my opinion right?

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