Kicking off 2018

So I finally did it. I signed up, along with my partner, to ODEON’s Limitless club and boy, have I got my money’s worth so far. To bring you up to date with the films I have been able to cram in the last three weeks, I’m going to give you my thoughts of them. But not before I let you into the format of how this blog is going to go down.

Each week, after attending the cinema as much as possible (in order to not miss some of the best films of 2018), a weekly round up will be uploaded on Mondays with what I would recommend you give your time to and what you should probably avoid.

Now to bring you up to date. These are the films in order that I have seen so far (and I know not all were released in 2018 but it’s when I saw them on the big screen):

Early Man – 5.4/10

Red Sparrow – 6.5/10

Game Night – 6.6/10

Black Panther – 6.7/10

Shape Of Water – 6.6/10

CoCo, 6.6/10, is a beautiful story of an aspiring young musician chasing the footsteps of a secretive family history. I have always had a soft spot for animation and in particular Pixar and this is another one of their best. I recommend allowing your childish side to be transported to a spectacular 1h45mins of pure joy.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, 7.8/10, is pure genius! In a long time, a film hasn’t made me laugh and cry as much as this. Frances McDormand, playing Mildred Hayes, gave a well-deserved Oscar-winning performance. Her pain was my pain, when she laughed I laughed and you are left fixated on her captivating story. Cinematic brilliance.

This is just what I think, so don’t loose sleep over it.

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